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This is a page in which we will share people’s stories about vaccine injuries. Look at the video below to seeĀ  samples of vax injuries. Below that video is a form for Canadians to fill out if they want to report a vax injury they or a loved one has experienced.

We have to get these stories out there so that others don’t have to go through what you did. Please note that this Vax Injury Database is for Canadians only. Also note that your name and email address will NOT be published online. We will use your initials.


Please fill in the form below.


Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.

What’s a vax?

The Oxford English Dictionary lexicographers chose vax as the 2021 word of the year. Originally it was slang for vaccination. Now vax is part of our lexicon for the inoculation that was purported to be a vaccination against Covid-19.

(But the public knows that lots of people who have been vaxxed are still getting Covid-19. In Oct./21 in our province, 46% of the Covid deaths were with people who were fully vaxxed.)

Usefulness of this website

If you think you have had a reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine, reporting that to this website is most useful for both health officials and those people trying to make up their minds whether or not to get the vaccine.

Note: 1. The Covid-19 vaccine is available under an Emergency Use Authorization.
2. Doctors and scientists are still learning about the vaccine.
3. This Vax Injury Database will help those doctors and scientists learn more about the vaccine.

How this database is set up

After receive a vax injury story, we will add it to the pertinent page. The stroke stories will be on the stroke page, the myocarditis stories will be on the myocarditis page and so on.

Initials of the victims along with their city will be on the pertinent index page. For instance, all of the people with stroke stories will have their initials listed in alphabetical order on the strokes index page. Each name or initial will be linked to the corresponding vax injury story.

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Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System

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