Medical Care Required After Covid Vaccination

Took 2 lawsuits to get the data

medical careHundreds of thousands of Americans sought medical care after covid vaccination. This was revealed after Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) sued the CDC to have that information released.


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The statistics

Around 782,900 people reported seeking medical attention, emergency room care, and/or hospitalization following the vaccination. Besides that, 2.5 million reported having to miss work, school or other normal activities as a result of the vaccine. (These data came from The Epoch Times, “factual news that other news outlets don’t report”. )

Seven point seven percent (7.7%) of the people had to seek medical care after vaccination.

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Medical care letter to the editor

This letter accompanied the Epoch Times news story from which the statistics above were derived.

A close friend is is now dying a horrible death and has been told directly to her face by doctors at Kaiser, UCSF, Stanford, as well as the Mayo Clinic that her severe myocarditis and destroyed kidneys have been caused by the vaccine, that nothing else could have caused it so quickly. She’s 35 and was in perfect health at her recent yearly physical. Now her heart and kidneys have officially been classified as being in “end state.” She went to the different hospitals to get more opinions and to get on a kidney transplant list as soon as possible. The current wait time in CA is approx 10 years and at the time, it was questionable whether she could make it that long, but the Mayo Clinic said that as long as she has the myocarditis, they couldn’t do a kidney transplant anyway. Although she wasn’t totally opposed to the vaccine, it was her employer that forced her to get the vaccine.

That makes me wonder how many of these employers will get sued in the years to come.

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