Regret Having Received a “Vaccination”

10% regret being vaxxed

regretAs reported in The Epoch Times, a survey by Zogby Analytics asked 1038 American adults about the covid “vaccination”. 10% regret having received the “vaccination”. Interestingly, 15% of them reported having a new medical condition within weeks or months of having taken the “vaccine”. That would mean the 5% were not convinced that the vax had caused the condition. The table above shows what were the most common newly diagnosed medical conditions.

(The most common condition was the presence of blood clots. Read more about how dangerous blood clots are. )


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Another poll, more medical conditions

Around the same time as the above poll was conducted, 829 different American adults were surveyed. In this group, 22% of them reported a new medical condition within weeks or months of getting the “vaccine”. As well as having the conditions listed in the above table, disrupted menstrual cycles, Guillain-Barré syndrome and Bell’s palsy were added to the list.

regret22% of them reported a new condition within weeks or months after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.When asked to comment on the statement that the “vaccine” was safe, 14.2% strongly disagreed and 16.4% somewhat disagreed. It sounds like more people from this survey regret getting the “vaccine” as opposed to the first survey.

Consider that fact that 232 million Americans have taken at least one dose of the covid “vaccine”, and 22% of the people in the second survey reported a newly diagnosed condition. It sounds like something out of the novel 1984.

In May, The Epoch Times reported that a pediatric cardiologist had to stop working and was punished by his board for not wanting to recommend a vaccine to a young patient who had contracted covid previously. When the doctor first graduated from medical school, he had given an oath the he would “do his patient no harm”. In this professional opinion, he thought he may be doing his patient harm. If effect, his board was trying to force him to renounce the Hippocratic oath.

For more information about the story on this page, see The Epoch Times.

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Mary’s tinnitus started an hour after she received her first Pfizer COVID-19 dose in the summer of 2021. She immediately contacted the pharmacy where she was vaccinated, and they told her that tinnitus wasn’t a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yet a search on Google showed that many people were discussing this condition in forums. Some were severely crippled by the condition. A close physician relative told Mary to go on steroid therapy immediately to reverse tinnitus, but her symptoms didn’t improve.

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US Compensates People Injured by COVID-19 Vaccines

The United States has for the first time paid people who were injured by COVID-19 vaccines.

Three people received compensation for their injuries through the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP), run by an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, officials said in a new update.

One person who suffered severe allergic shock received $2,019, according to the agency, the Health Resources and Services Administration. One person who suffered heart inflammation, or myocarditis, received $1,582. Another who suffered myocarditis received $1,032.

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